Asset Health Care

Condition Monitoring

  • DPO21 enables condition monitoring in a new paradigm of continuous machine performance evaluation based on the operating parameters of the machine.

Condition Monitoring based on primary and secondary machine parameters

DPO21 will provide condition monitoring of the machines based on the primary and secondary machine parameters. This will give a complete insight over the performance and health of the plant and machinery

Continuously tracking the operating parameters of the machine and comparing them with the machine characteristics carry out the primary condition monitoring. The system will also carry out by the energy mass balance against each pumping unit and quantify the mismatch.

Secondary machine parameters such as vibration, temperature, noise levels, etc. can be picked up using conventional instrumentation and the same will be displayed on the DPO21 dashboard whenever it exceeds the set values. 

Conventional Technology

Datamatrix Technology

Analysis based on secondary machine parameters such as vibration, temperature, noise levels etc.

Analysis based on primary machine parameters that are derived from the plant operating parameters along with the significant secondary machine parameters.

All measurements are independent and do not have any linkage with each other. The plant operating parameters linked to the machine data interprets the condition of the machine from various angles.
Does not reveal the machine performance.

Reveals the performance of each machine.


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