Monitoring and Optimization

Continuous Energy Audit

DPO2 facilitates continuous energy audit, taking into account all the changing operating conditions. The virtual metering facility of DPO2 captures all the operating parameters at a drastically reduced cost.

  • Behaviour Characteristics of the Machine


  • The behavior characteristics along with the operating point of the pumping machinery can be viewed for any given instant. The reason for the poor performance can be easily diagnosed with the help of this screen view. It is possible to simulate the plant operations by varying the operating parameters and the corresponding behavior curves of the machines can also be studied.

  • The following reports can be generated by the system.            

  • ►Various load profiles

  • ►Pump-wise discharge and KWH with running hours.

  • ►Energy loss in each machine

  • ►Saving potential by replacements

  • ►Actual savings


  • Conventional Technology

    Datamatrix Technology

    Manual Audit

    Fully automated Audit

    One spot audit for a specific operating condition.

    Continuous energy audit taking into account the entire operating conditions.

    Accuracy of the audit cannot be verified.

    System internally checks the accuracy and reliability of the data.

    Few apparently large opportunities are only considered.

    All saving opportunities are identified and quantified.

    Online optimization not feasible.

    Online optimization


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