What is Datamatrix Technology?

Datamatrix is a suite of innovative software technologies for pump monitoring, energy audit and performance optimization.

How does Datamatrix technology work?

Datamatrix technology is built on a new paradigm of virtual metering. Datamatrix configures a virtual machine in the computer using the field test data. The energy measurements from each motor are captured by the virtual machine that computes all the operating parameters of the pumping system. The pressure inputs are used to validate the computed data.

What is the accuracy and reliability of Datamatrix technology?

The virtual instrumentation of Datamatrix technology is highly accurate and reliable. The accuracy will mainly depend on the accuracy class of the energy meters and pressure transmitters used. The unique validation techniques of Datamatrix will indicate the accuracy level of each data logged.

Where can this technology be used?

Datamatrix technology can be used in almost all functions of pump house management from pump monitoring to energy audit to maintenance and asset management. It is also a very effective tool for operation management and it can be used for pump house automation with advanced optimization features.

How much it costs ?

Datamatrix technology converts expensive instrumentation into a software-based solution with extreme cost effectiveness. Datamatrix technology will cost only a fraction of the conventional technology cost, with many advanced features.

How much time is required to implement Datamatrix technology?

Datamatrix can be implemented within a month’s time and that too without interrupting any of the plant operations.

What are the key benefits of Datamatrix technology?

Complete monitoring of the pump house.

Highest level of performance optimization.

Automated data recording and knowledge management.

Remote monitoring.

Cost effective solution.

What are the hardware requirements for Datamatrix technology ?

The Datamatrix technology will require the following field instruments connected to a standard P.C.

Energy meter for each motor

Pressure transmitter (optional)

Water level transmitters for sump and reservoir.