Asset Health Care

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

DPO21 keeps track of the actual running hours of the machine and assigns the schedule for preventive maintenance. The following analysis will give a holistic view and bring down the failure rate.

  • Condition monitoring data analysis
  • Performance analysis of the machines
  • Statistical analysis on the machine break down

The maintenance cycles can be analyzed from various angles and the same can be studied against the machine component failures to arrive at an appropriate Reliability Centered Maintenance.

Conventional Technology

Datamatrix Technology

Periodical maintenance does not commensurate with the actual machine weir.

All schedules are tracked based on the actual running hours and the component life expectancy

The schedules for maintenance are tracked manually No alerts/reminders are available.

The maintenance schedules can be tracked continuously with suitable alerts/reminders

Predictions and fault diagnostics are based on piecemeal inputs that are poorly interlinked.

Predictions and fault diagnostics with total integrated information

Does not capture the knowledge.

Offers complete knowledge management


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