Monitoring and Optimization

Performance Monitoring

  • DPO2 Monitors the performance of each machine connected to the system.


    Dashboard for Pump Performance Monitoring


    The Datamatrix Suite will integrate the following plant management functions and provide the displays to simultaneously monitor and coordinate them

    ►Operations Management

  • ►Performance Management

  • ►Condition Monitoring

  • ►Remote Monitoring and Control


The entire plant operating parameters along with the performance levels of each machine will be displayed over a Dashboard.

  • The virtual metering and dash boarding system of DPO2 is a cost effective and reliable solution for highly effective pump monitoring.

    Conventional Technology

    Datamatrix Technology

    Individual meters are necessary for displaying each parameter.

    All the operating parameters of each machine are derived from energy/pressure inputs.

    No means to confirm the accuracy of the readings other than periodic calibration of the instruments.

    Each parameter is crosschecked and the accuracy and reliability are ensured on all parameters that are measured physically or virtually.

    Not capable of reading individual machine efficiencies online unless there is an elaborate instrumentation.

    Capable of directly reading individual machine efficiencies online very accurately

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