Monitoring and Optimization

Performance Optimization

  • DPO2 offers an integrated three-tier optimization process covering the following

    • ►Operational Improvements

    • ►Retrofits

    • ►Asset Management.


    • DPO2 Dash Board indicates the performance levels of the machines online. The machine behavior characteristics can also be viewed for any given instant. This gives a thorough insight into the performance of the machine and the reasons for underperformance can be easily diagnosed and rectified.


    Datamatrix Performance Optimization Process

    DPO2 integrates various pump house management functions and makes the information available at all touch points. The plant performance can be continuously monitored over the dashboards. The system will dynamically choose the machine with the highest efficiency and sequence them for optimum performance.  All the resources of the pumping network can be optimized with the help of DPO2. 


    Conventional Technology

    Datamatrix Technology

    Based on manual data assimilation and analytics.

    Fully integrated and automated data management.

     Flow meters are necessary for each pump to asses the efficiency along with other detailed instrumentation.

    Only energy / pressure input measurements necessary.

    Performance monitoring is expensive

    Extremely cost effective performance monitoring.


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