Monitoring and Optimization

Virtual Metering

DPO2 virtually meters all the operating parameters of the plant from the energy input to the motor in a highly reliable and cost-effective manner.


Virtual metering


The following virtual instrumentation will be generated by the system.

  • Pump-wise flow

  • Head developed by each pump
  • Power absorbed by each machine
  • Energy loss in each machine
  • Efficiency of each machine
  • Head loss in the pipe line

DPO2 creates a virtual machine in the computer using the test data of the machines. The virtual machine is then continuously compared with the electrical signal from the energy meter connected to the motor pump set to arrive at the operating point of each motor and pump. The system then internally computes all the operating parameters. The Datamatrix system will validate the simulated data by comparing the other field data  (pressure) measured directly.


Both the physical and virtual instrumentation are integrated to represent the complete information on the Dashboard


Conventional Technology

Datamatrix Technology

Individual instruments required for metering each operating parameter.

Only energy/pressure parameters are to be metered to display all the operating parameters of the system.

No means to confirm the accuracy and reliability other than periodic calibration.

Each parameter is crosschecked and the accuracy and reliability are ensured against each log.

Flow meters are necessary for each pump to ascertain the individual flow and efficiency

Flow meters are not required and the system accurately computes the machine-wise flow and efficiency

Elaborate instrumentation required to view the readings from other locations

All meter readings are virtually created in the database and can be viewed from any location

Shorter life expectancy and needs continuous maintenance

Long life and easy to maintain

100% metering is prohibitively expensive

100% metering is extremely cost-effective

Installation and commissioning is an elaborate process, often disturbs the operations

Simple installation. Does not disturb the plant operations. Can be remotely configured.


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